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Executive Search
Executive Search has been the cornerstone of our business since the firm was founded in 1998. Our rigorous search process starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of each client, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture of the organization. Focusing on these underlying qualities allows us to take a broader, more creative approach in identifying potential candidates. Identifying and cultivating leaders and leadership teams that can take an enterprise to sustained business success is an ongoing process. It begins with defining and recruiting the right people, and continues with developing a robust succession pipeline for key positions and ongoing assessment of the leadership team in the face of new challenges and opportunities. We work with our clients in all facets of this process.
Our Culture & Resources
We put “Quality” in the central of our job and place our clients' interests first. Our entire process for each executive search engagements are under strict quality control standard which has been existing since the company was found. The most fundamental expression of our client-first vision resides in our structure, which is unique to our profession

We are diligent when defining the position specification, to ensure we assemble a team of consultants with the industry and functional expertise to support the engagement. The team draws on its high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to give it a broad reach in identifying potential candidates. 

Finding Candidates

Our consultants identify candidates from two sources: their own professional networks and relationships and systematic research. The consultants' own ideas will stem from their knowledge of your sector or function and their experience in executive search. Clients may engage more than individual consultants; they engage the entire firm with all of its relevant sources.

Candidate Evaluation

Candidates are evaluated against the agreed-upon competencies and assessment criteria for fit. We provide detailed information to clients for the selection of an initial slate of candidates. We continue to manage the process during the interview stage, gathering feedback and managing candidate expectations, etc. 

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