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Interim Management
Interim management gives you instant access to a senior ‘heavy-weight yet hands-on’ manager, with a proven track record, matched to your needs. Interim managers are typically hired for three to nine months and help organisations undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or looking to plug a critical management gap. An organisation may choose to pursue the interim management route because the role in question is not a permanent position or a permanent executive/manager cannot be found fast enough. Whatever the reason, interim managers offer major benefits:
Speed – They are available to start in days – with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities.
Experience – Interim managers are overqualified for the work.
Results – They are only as good as their last placement – so track record and performance really count. They are used to being judged by results so they know how to deliver.
Knowledge transfer – They will transfer a huge amount of skill, contacts and experience to your team which will remain long after they have left.
Objectivity – While sensitive to the company's ethos, they will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols.
Focused – They can be assigned a critical task and their performance measured against it.
Delivery – Yes they can act as counsel to the Board – but then they will roll up their sleeves and deliver the strategy too.
Mind the Gap
You need to factor in the advantages of quickly plugging that recruitment gap. In a typical recruitment scenario a company takes a month to find the right person. The executive being hired will then have to typically serve a three-month notice period. So it will be four months before the candidate is in place, and five months before you know whether they are really the right choice or not. If the decision has been a bad one, you start all over again.
A senior manager is, on average, worth at least three times their annual salary in terms of their contribution to a company. Looking at the executive earning $120,000 per annum, if you take four months to find the right person, the delay has cost your business $120,000 in terms of lost contribution – and that's excluding the recruitment fees which traditional agencies charge, and the unease and inertia which the recruitment delays have created.
Fast Workers
Speed of delivery is another consideration. Unlike a permanent employee who can have several months of grace while they settle in, get to know their way around an organisation, meet people and so forth, interim managers are recruited with a clear set of deliverables and a fixed, often incredibly short time scale in which to deliver. They know how to quickly fit in and get things moving.
They will not get sidetracked with office politics. They are implementers who know they will be judged on their ability to hit the ground running and deliver from day one. Depending the importance of the deliverables the value of this speed can be enormous.
Experience and Objectivity
Interims do not expect to have a long-term career with you, so they are not going to tell you what you want to hear – they will tell it how it is. Their candour could save you a fortune.
Also interim managers offer instant experience and a capability which is almost always one rank higher than the job requires.
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